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Online Casino VIP Programs in Canada

Posted on: July 31, 2023. Last updated on: January 3, 2024 VIP programs online casinos

Online casinos offer players a loyalty or VIP program for playing and spending time on their sites. The more you play, the more you can earn or climb the higher tiers. So if you have a losing session, you will still accumulate your points which you can switch for all sorts of rewards. Let us look at what it is to become a VIP player and some recommendations for the top Canadian online casinos offering this excellent incentive.

Canadian VIP Programs Explained

Each casino has a different system for accumulating credits. Whilst some only offer it to high-roller players who make large deposits, others offer it to all users. However, to benefit from this system is about the amount you spend. The more you spend and play casino games, the higher your level, leading to exclusive rewards.

How to Obtain Reward Points

The most common way to accumulate points is to gamble on various casino games. An example of how it works is earning 1 point for every $10 you play on slot machines. When playing other types of games like blackjack or video poker, the requirements are typically higher, where you must spend $20 on these types of games to earn 1 point. As each online casino operates different systems, it is always a good idea to check the T&Cs of each offer.

Reward Types

There are two main types of rewards systems:

  • Tiered System: This system is where you climb levels each time you play and spend at the site. You can get free spins, bonus funds, or deposit bonuses when you accumulate enough points during your gameplay. Other treats you can expect are more personalised services such as a dedicated VIP manager, birthday treats, or even an invite to a special event. However, if your spending decreases, you can drop levels and lose some of your tier benefits.
  • Flat Loyalty: A flat loyalty program works differently in that there are no levels, and all players receive the same rewards as long as the minimum spend requirements get met.

Receiving Rewards

At some gambling platforms, prizes are offered to new players for joining. An example is a free $5 no-deposit bonus for opening an account. Whereas delayed rewards are only granted once you have accumulated enough points. Don’t forget that for every bonus you get, there are wagering requirements to meet before you can cash it out.

How to Join a Loyalty Program

When you join a program, it can happen in two ways. Some platforms will automatically add you to it when you open your account. You can monitor via your personal dashboard which level you are at and what you can expect to receive as you climb through the various tiers. While some online casinos offer this exclusively to their high-roller players, and it’s by invitation only.

Advantages of the VIP Program

Let’s have a look at the most common advantages of getting into a VIP program.

  • Larger bonuses: Your free spins or deposit bonuses increase as you climb the tiered system loyalty scheme.
  • Quicker response times for customer support: The higher your tier, the more preferential and tailored experience you will receive from the customer service team.
  • Access to tournaments, bonuses, and events: High-rollers benefit from tournaments not available to everyone that come with incredible jackpots. You can also get further exclusive deposit bonuses and other various events.
  • Birthday Bonuses: You will receive an email with a specialised reward when it is your birthday. Some may even reward you on the anniversary of the date you opened your account.
  • Lots of Casino Bonuses: You can expect bonuses like deposit offers, free spins, or cashback on your losses.
  • Loyalty Store: Some sites have stores where you can choose the bonus type you want to buy from your accumulated points. Options include free spins on various slot machines with different bet levels. Some will even allow you to exchange them for products like mobile phones or real money.
  • Voucher rewards: Are targeted at high rollers who have spent a lot. They may receive vouchers for a show, drinks, or a meal.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: If you are an elite loyalty member, you will gain access to a dedicated person who can assist in making the entire experience more rewarding.
  • Higher Deposit & Withdrawal Limits: For players who are big spenders, limits will increase with higher deposits and larger withdrawal amounts allowed.

Top VIP Canadian Programs

In conclusion, we selected three casinos with great VIP programs for Canadian players. They provide relatively easy-to-get rewards, fantastic bonuses and are tailored to different kinds of users.


BetMGM offers its players a range of five tiers that suit all types of gamblers, from the cautious to the high-rollers. The higher you climb you move up a level and will receive more lucrative and significant rewards. There are five levels, with Sapphire being the lowest, where you can receive a $5 birthday bonus and save on hotel rooms at its resorts. The top level of Noir is invite-only, and players get $200 in prizes and a 40% boost with a dedicated host. You can redeem your points online or use them at one of the MGM resorts.


JackpotCity is another Canadian online casino where you can earn loyalty rewards. For every $1 you wager, you will make a loyalty point on slots. Table games require at least $5 for a point. Once you obtain enough points, you can exchange them for bonus credits which are available to use for playing games. There are six levels to this loyalty program, starting at Silver and the top level of Privé, which is invite-only. Again, the higher you climb, the more the bonuses and personalised service increase, but you must keep wagering; otherwise, you will drop a level.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino has another automatic loyalty program in which, when you join, you get an instant boost of 2,500! They are earned by wagering; you can see your level and score by clicking on your username. There are six levels, with Bronze being the lowest and Privé the top, where it is also invite only. You can exchange your points for bonus credits and receive more rewards as you go up the levels.

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