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An exciting game made popular by the suave secret agent James Bond; baccarat is a game of chance that is ideal for real money online casinos for Canadian gamblers. Most people new to casino games stick to things like slot since they are very easy and straightforward to play, but many players do not always easily realize that table card games like this require no strategy to play, but has the appearance of being a complicated option where only the high rollers take part.

List of the Best Baccarat Casinos to Play for Real Money

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Jackpot City
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Ruby Fortune
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Grand Mondial
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Golden Tiger
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Lucky Nugget
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Platinum Play
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Captain Cooks
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All Slots
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Casino Action
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All Jackpots
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Yukon Gold
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Nostalgia Casino
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To play baccarat online for real money in Canada, there are a few things to consider before diving into the first game you see. While it is something simple that pretty much anyone can take part in, the part that involves gambling for real cash requires a little more thought and research into the best places that offer gaming options in a safe and secure environment.

How to Choose an Online Casino for Baccarat Gambling in Canada?

The very best online baccarat casinos are ones that offer more than one version for players, and if they throw in some extra cash winning bonuses or fast payouts, they will just make the game play that much more enticing.

When looking for a new online casino, always take a look at the varieties and types of games and perks that you are looking for. A couple of other points to consider are the security and support that the site offers to members. To get started with your search, check out the following mobile casino websites:

Top Websites to Play on Mobile

When you find a casino that offers exactly what you are looking for, you get the bonus of playing online baccarat on your mobile for real cash with the mobile baccarat games provided by almost all sites open to Canadian players. Not only can you enjoy the games on your favorite platform at home, but you can take the fun out on the go with real money casino apps for iPhone or Android.

Variations of Online Baccarat games

There are a few types of games that players can find on live casino sites, which will give them some options for added entertainment. Although it is well known that baccarat is considered a something more akin to chance that the wealthy have historically loved to play, it pays to know how to play baccarat online in Canada, with an understanding of the basics of each variation.

To be ready for the next time you check out an online game, take a look at the following game options that most sites will have available for their members:

Baccarat Punto Banco

Perhaps the most popular version of the game around the world, Punto Banco is the main one offered online and is sometimes simply labeled as the main option of baccarat. This one is especially popular in North America and Macau, making it the highest rising style in physical casinos and online.

Punto banco starts with 8 standard decks, where the croupier (person in charge of the game table) deals out 4 cards, with two cards going to the player and two to the banker. Whoever gets a hand that equals or is closest to 9, wins the game. The most common card values found on casino sites are in the list that follows:

  • Zero value for the ten, Jack, Queen, and King
  • One value for the Ace
  • All other cards (two to nine) are at face value

If the hand total has a value over 9, then the number to the right will be the actual hand value. For example, if the hand equals 12, then the real hand value in the game is the number on the right, which is 2.

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is the style that was heavily shown in books and movies for decades. This version is one of the oldest, and has a fun element where players bet against one another, however the basic rules of online baccarat stay the same.

Using six standard decks of cards, the shoe (container holding the cards) is passed around the table in a counter-clockwise fashion, from one player to another. Each of the 8-12 players has a chance to become the banker, who is also the one to receive the “banker’s hand”, which they will then place a bet of an amount they are willing to lose. The dealer hands out cards like in regular baccarat, with two hands — player and banker, and two to the player with the largest bet. As with most bet turn outs, a tie is very rare, but will often give players a payout of 8:1.

Baccarat Banque

While playing online baccarat for real money, this one is often considered a little more difficult, since there are only three decks involved, and the banker remains the same until they no longer have funds to play, or when they choose to leave the game of their own free will. Once the croupier shuffles the deck, they then give it to the player on their right and left, followed by the banker to shuffle again. Three hands are dealt to the players and banker who shuffled, and everyone can bet on either of the players, banker, or a tie (the rarest result).

Basic Rules

Learning the basic baccarat rules and strategy can greatly help players win their bets when they choose to play. Even though the game is often thought to be pure chance, and you feel that you can play online baccarat for real money, the chances of actually winning will depend on the moves you make, or the variation you choose to take part in.

live baccarat Canada

Most casinos online allow members to play baccarat online in Canada, and will generally offer the three basic versions on site. Each style will have the main aim of reaching the closest hand of nine (or even the highest hand from all players), and the bets vary from one game to another.

Take a look at the most common versions to see which one suits your gambling style the most.

Essentially, the aim is to bet whether the player or banker’s hand is closest to nine, or the highest ranking hand at the table. Each version will have slight differences, but the main game will be to win the hand, or hope to get a tie since they are the ones who have the highest payouts, often eight to one odds.

Odds for Beginners

The baccarat betting odds will naturally have a house edge of 1% or more. However it is still much lower than all games except blackjack. The banker will always have an edge on the players with a 1-2% higher chance of winning most of the time. A tie will have the lowest odds of occurring, with most games only having 9% or less tied hands, regardless of the game version.

Strategy and Tips

Playing online baccarat real money is a great way to feel the thrill of a game of chance, but with the added option of winning big cash winnings. While there is no major strategy plan for playing the game, one of the top unwritten rules is to avoid the lowest odds tie bet, and to know the ins and outs of each version of the game.

Playing live baccarat online is another way to get a fun sense of being in a real casino, but from wherever you feel most comfortable playing. The extra incentives offered by casinos are what make it all worth while.

Placing bets on the game can help you win real money, but the deposit bonuses and promos that sites often give members is what really fills the bank up quickly. Always research the sites that seem most appealing and check out their special offers to gaming members. Most will have a comprehensive promos and bonus page that breaks down all of their current offers. Checking back frequently can also give you and edge since promos often change on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis.


Here are some of the most common questions that Canadian players playing the baccarat game have asked casinos online:

What is the best strategy for online baccarat Canada?

Keeping an eye out on your bet amount, especially with tie bets, will help ease you into the game, since it is more of a game of chance rather than skill. The added no deposit bonuses that most casinos offer can help get you started without a big initial investment into the game. Always check the promo pages on site to see how many different bonuses you can use in one game.

Is it possible to win?

It is possible to play real baccarat game online, and there are several versions available, including live dealer games. Read through the game version rules and odds of each bet style to make the most of your gaming. The odds of winning your hand also greatly increase when you manage to become the banker in the Banque and Chemin de Fer versions of the game.

Are online baccarat games rigged?

All legitimate baccarat casinos are licensed and regulated by a gaming enforcement agency that must ensure all real money online casinos follow the law and offer their players a fair gaming policy. Playing baccarat for real money requires security on sites and legal licenses that show when the establishments were first able to provide gambling and live casino baccarat for cash.

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