Guide on How to Beat an Online Casino

Posted on: April 19, 2022. Last updated on: April 22, 2022 MidnightInTokyo

This is one of the golden questions that gamblers ask – it is like a Holy Grail – can you beat online casinos? If so, how is it possible? What secrets and tricks can you use to beat the odds and win big? Whilst there is no magical formula or “win button” to beat an online casino, there is a myriad of things you can do to improve your odds and situation. In this article, we look at the best way to beat online casino platforms, and what you can do to give you the best chance of winning:

It is important to understand that an outcome of casino and sportsbook odds is completely random. For example, when you play a slot game, individual reel spins are decided by RNG algorithms – i.e. what a reel lands on is completely random. There is no way to get around this RNG factor unless you somehow manage to hack game software and alter an RNG algorithm (which is obviously illegal and unethical!).

What you can do, is choose wisely a top casino, choose the best games, and utilize matched betting and bonuses where possible. We take an in-depth look at these three-pointers below:

Choose the correct casino

Firstly, a great thing you can do is choose the correct casino. Unfortunately, the quality and reputation of online casinos vary wildly. Some platforms are unregulated and have unscrupulous practices – they actively try to scam customers and take their money unfairly. For example, they may have poor payment processing, or employ games that do not have true RNG systems.

You must stay away from such platforms at all costs – playing at a platform like this will drastically reduce your chance to beat casino games and win money. To avoid this, online platforms should have these positive qualities:

1. A Casino should have a license

The gambling industry is widely regulated. It is regulated by organizations like the UK Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake and Ontario (AGCO). These organizations check for the quality of platforms and ensure they are complying with certain standards.

Moreover, they issue licenses. If a gambling platform has a valid license, you have greater assurance of its quality and reliability. You know that it is complying with jurisdictional standards and regulations, and therefore has games that you have a fair chance of winning on too

You must check that the license is within date and that it is valid for the jurisdiction that you play in. For example, if you are from England, you should ideally play on a casino that has a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Casino licensing information is usually listed in the website footer, at the bottom of an online platform – there should be a link to the license from the issuing provider too.

2. It should also use reputable software developers

Aside from having a license, a platform should also partner with quality software developers in the industry. In most instances, gambling sites do not produce their own games. They simply create their website, and complimentary administration systems surrounding the online casino. Games are usually provided by third-party developers who specialize in gambling software.

To beat casinos, look for renowned software developers. Popular developers include:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • BetSoft
  • IGT
  • Yggdrasil
  • Wazdan

The above software developers highly regarded industry specialists. These developers produce high-quality games that have excellent RNG systems. Furthermore, you genuinely have a fair chance of winning. A casino usually states which developers it uses in the footer section of its website or its game category sections.

3. It should offer rewarding bonuses

Blackjack bonus offers

A reputable real money casino also offers promotions and bonuses. You must look in greater detail at these bonuses, however. Some promotions are better valued than others. Furthermore, some bonuses aren’t worth the effort at all. When selecting a casino, consider the above points, but also analyze the bonuses and promotions offered – are they worthwhile and can you use them to make money?

Let’s look at a scenario. Casino A has an offer – a matched deposit bonus of 100% for $1000. This looks amazing, right? But it has a wagering requirement of 50x. That means, if you had the full bonus amount of $1000, you would have to wager it 50x the value or, spend $50,000 to retrieve any winnings! Is that a good offer?

Analyze bonus terms and conditions carefully and look for wagering requirements and other stipulations. This will ensure that you choose a casino with rewards that you can profit from.

4. It must have a reliable customer service team

A reliable customer service team is a must. Some platforms have terrible customer service – they don’t care about their customers. This does not help you beat casinos. For example, if you had an issue with a game not giving the correct payout – you would expect to contact the customer service team, and they help with the issue immediately. If the customer service team was ineffective and hard to reach, you could potentially lose money.

Check to see what customer service methods are available for the casino. Ideally, they should have:

  • A live chat
  • A dedicated phone line
  • An email support ticket

Also, these contact methods should be monitored 24/7 so that you can gain help regardless of the time.

5. It should have reliable payment processing systems

Finally, a platform must have reliable payment processing systems. You should be able to make quick deposits and withdrawals and access your money easily. Check to see what payment options are available. The website should have common methods including Visa, MasterCard, Interac, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and PaySafeCard.

Furthermore, it should have no transaction fees. This means that you can utilize 100% of your cash and not get penalized. Moreover, the deposits and withdrawals should be instant – you should be able to make a payment and see it in your account within seconds.

It is also prudent to check for payment protection and security. Look at terms and conditions to see what security measures are provided. This ensures that your funds are safe and there is no potential for them to be stolen or lost.

Choose the correct games

Whilst the casino is important, the games themselves are pivotal. Different games have different odds and winning percentages. It is important to understand the common pay-outs and winning rates. Knowing this allows you to choose suitable titles that provide good returns.

Always research the RTP percentage

Many wondered: “How to win at online casinos every time?” The best way to beat online casino sites is to understand RTP.

RTP = Return To Player

This determines the percentage that you will make back on your original stake over a prolonged period. For example, the slot game Cinerama has an RTP of 98%. If you spent $100, over time, you would be expected to get back $98. Or make a loss of $2. The higher the RTP slot rate, the higher your chances of winning, and the less money you should theoretically lose.

Always look at the RTP rate of a game before playing it. Ideally, the RTP rate should be above 96%. There is room for variance in RTP rates, but the percentage is a good indicator of your average winnings.

Table games, slots or video poker?

The most popular casino games are table games, slots, and video poker. But which games are the best to play? We have listed the average RTP’s associated with these games below:

  • Slots: RTP 95-96%
  • Blackjack: RTP 99%
  • Roulette: RTP 94%
  • Video Poker: RTP 99%

wiFrom these stats, Blackjack and Video Poker are the best games to play. However, you do require a basic level of skill and understanding to get these RTP rates. In addition to this, the RTP rates for Blackjack and Video Poker are based on playing hundreds if not thousands of hands. For example, you could play 10 hands of Blackjack and lose them all. Alternatively, you could play 10 hands of video poker and win them all – this isn’t reflective of the RTP rate.

Look carefully at RTP rates and use them as a guideline. But consider your skill and knowledge of the games too. And remember: the best time to play online slots, video poker, blackjack or poker is whenever you’re ready.

Make use of matched betting and bonuses

Finally, you can make use of matched betting. This is essentially a method where you utilize bonus funds from promotions and welcome offers to place bets and play casino games instead of using your own money. Therefore it is important to look at wagering requirements and bonus terms and conditions. You want promotions with low wagering requirements that you can utilize to build up your winnings on games with higher RTP percentages.

When registering, ensure that you use the welcome offer. Furthermore, ensure that you gain the maximum bonus possible. You can then use those bonus funds to gamble with, without touching your cash. Just remember that you must meet the wagering requirements. This improves the odds in your favor and is a great way to beat casinos.

We hope you have found this article illuminating. As you can see, there is a host of different things you can do to improve your odds and give yourself a fighting chance of beating the casinos. Whilst there is no way to surpass or manipulate random number generators, you can choose your platforms and games carefully. Furthermore, don’t forget the excellent bonuses that most casinos provide!

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