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Highest Casino Wins By The Canadian Players

Posted on: November 10, 2021. Last updated on: January 3, 2023 Casino Wins

Everyone starts gambling with the vision to win big when they bet online or visit a physical casino. In both cases, the objective is to play interesting games and come home with a big amount of money. Many casinos give you enough bonuses for the first few strikes to play the jackpot round. If you can make a winning combination, the reward is yours. 

Of course, online gambling is just for fun, but the exciting fact is Canadian gamblers are always winning big amounts, which shows why you should give it a try. In this article, you will come to learn about the biggest win in Canadian casinos.

One Day, Two Winners, And $120 Million Payout

In Canadian history, you will come across the largest jackpot wins, and one of them is in Mississauga. On the 25th of December 2015, John Henry, the retired human resource manager, won $60 million at the lottery max draw. On the 24th of February, he claimed the prize from Sudbury, Ontario. Surprisingly, on the same day, at the “Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation headquarters,” Joan Patterson, who won $60 million, received the amount.


Another $120 Million Amount

On the 5th of February, another woman staying near Owen won 5 Lotto Max draws, cracked the game and got $120 million. She claimed her money on the same day itself, and it was a record payout as per OLG.

The Highest Mobile Jackpot Win

In 2015, a Canadian player registered at a well-known casino, Royal Vegas, for just a week. First, he started playing the progressive slot, Mega Moolah, on his smartphone. Just after placing wagers, he waited so the reel must stop spinning. As soon as it was done, he was surprised to see the amount of money he won. It was C$7.5 million and is a record high win in terms of mobile casinos. Royal Casino is one such platform paying high payouts, so gamblers love to play here.

Four Months – Two Big Wins

Another person from Alberta was playing Avalon, where he saw the reels spinning. Initially, he won a few small bucks, which kept him more excited and all of a sudden, he landed on C$72,650 in a single spin. Fortunately, on slots, it is his second-biggest win as first he won CA$13900. He received this amount by playing the Loose Cannon slot created by Microgaming. In a span of four months, he won two big amounts.

On Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack online is also a favourite game for many players, and a Canadian citizen, Scott T., was playing as usual. He never imagined getting all four aces in the row and won C$155,345. It encouraged him to gamble more at the top online casinos in Canada.

Getting Lifetime Payments On The 18th Birthday

Charlie Lagarde, on the 18th of March 2018, received a gift on her 18th birthday. She received it after scratching the first lottery ticket. As she has attained the age requirement, so she can legally play at the casinos. So, she decided to purchase two things for this year’s birthday. They are a “$4 ticket to the Gagnant a Vie lottery” and a wine bottle. Well, the girl was given a choice to receive the amount as lifetime annuities or collect the jackpot of $1 million. After a few weeks, she picked annuity, and for her life, she received weekly payments of $1000.

The Biggest Slot Winner

Many serious bettors do not count slots as a smart option, but whoever plays wins a big amount. In 2020, the pandemic led to increased online casino games due to lockdown across the world. It was the best time for people to enjoy games from their smartphones by staying at home. One person played the slots and left as a multi-millionaire. On Mega Moolah, he wagered and received an amount of CA$16,496,347.95. He is among the first 2020 winners who has won the top progressive prize. On this jackpot slot, it is the third-largest trigger and second highest in Canada.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

The Largest Lottery Win

In October 2015, Wang won the largest lottery, and he held the record till January 2020. As per the Ontario Lotto Group (OLG), another person from Brampton, Ontario, broke the record by generating a single-ticket jackpot winner. It gave the highest payout of C$70 million.

In The End

The list does not end here as many gamblers are playing and winning money every day. Canada is a place where you will get a bunch of casinos, both physical and online. As a result, playing and winning money won’t be difficult, and you can also create history.

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