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PointsBet Canada CEO Calls Out TheScore Before The Sports Betting Battle

Posted on: February 7, 2021. Last updated on: January 31, 2024 PBH_original

The new Canadian arm of PointsBet Holdings got a massive boost in their morale and confidence with the recent statement announced by their CEO, Scott Vanderwel. He had a close association and worked with Rogers Media president Keith Pelley during his work tenure in the telecom and media industry. 

As Ontario is all set to open its market for the private-owned sportsbook by this year’s end, and with the legalization of single-event wagering in Canada, the industry analysts and insiders are looking for fierce competition and expect the high-stake dealmaking as Canada’s sports betting market fixtures.

Vanderwel Shows Confidence On His Team

Vanderwel, CEO of PointsBet Canada, is placing bets on his team’s expertise and insider knowledge of Canadian gaming and sports. He bets it will be the winning benefit for the company headquartered in Australia. By recruiting a Canadian fantasy sports veteran Nic Sulsky and a digital product director of Roger’s brand named Dale Fallon, PointsBet Canada has shown their determination in this battle.

When asked how the Canadian sports betting market would take shape, Macquire analyst Chad said based on the assumption that Canadian sportsbooks such as TheScore will witness audience growth against seasoned foreign rivals.

Scott Vanderwel

With the passing of the bill for granting provinces the right to regulate single-sports betting in recent months, foreign-owned sportsbooks like DraftKings also shared their expectations from the market. The Toronto-based TheScore has never achieved the desired success with their American sports betting app. CEO of TheScore, John Levy, has promised to defend his’ home turf’ in Canada, where the company runs the most popular mobile app for sports news and data.

Vanderwel’s Statement On TheScore

“TheScore is a great media company. It’s under process to become a great sports betting company. PointsBet is a great sports betting company with experience. So, I’d keep our product against theirs any day.” Vanderwel says. “Like any other market, there will be five to eight competitors with brand recognition and unaided awareness in the category. We, PointsBet, aim to be one of them.” 

Rogers, where Vanderwel worked for nine years, has been the vocal supporter for the single-sports betting events in Canada. When asked about the potential deal between the Canadian telecom and media outlet and the Australian gambling firm, Vanderwel says, “I maintain a great professional relationship with Rogers, and it would be a speculation to think about such a thing.”

Unknown Play Rules

The prospective e-gaming suppliers and operators have been allowed to prepare their online applications by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for registration purposes on September 13. The registration procedure charges $100,000 as a regulatory fee for each gaming website. Applicants can either choose one or two-year registration.

Vanderwel says that he has a question on how the grey market sportsbook could apply for the license and compete with his team of PointsBet while operating from some other jurisdiction outside the law.

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