Oldest Canadian Casinos: A Quick Look At The History

Posted on: November 6, 2021. Last updated on: October 28, 2021Oldest Canadian Casinos

In Canada, the gambling industry is growing at a fast pace. The variety of gambling opportunities create considerable revenue, which benefits everyone. The amicable gambling atmosphere has made Canadians consider gambling as their favourite pastime. The best part is even after the boom in the online gambling industry, physical casinos are still popular among players. 

Presently, numerous casinos are there in Canada where gambling enthusiasts can place bets and try their luck. However, the scenario was not like this even several years ago. Only a few casinos used to function in the country where players got the opportunity to gamble. Well, that brings us to a point where we can take a quick trip down the memory lane and find out about the oldest Canadian casinos.

Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall

The casino started operating in the 70s and is the oldest one in the country. The Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall was opened by the Klondike Visitors Association. It was located in Dawson City, Yukon and still holds a reputation in the city. It is based on the saloon theme and offers a glimpse of the “Klondike Gold Rush” era. It was named after the most famous dancer of Dawson, Gertie Lovejoy, from the Gold Rush era. Here, customers can drink alcohol, place bets and experience live entertainment in the same room. The best part is that over 60+ slot machines along with poker, blackjack, roulette and other games are available here. 

Billy Barker Casino

In 1987, it was launched as the Royal Casino and was another charitable casino of that time. It became one of the historical Quesnel symbols in British Columbia and happens to be family-owned. The casino has a great design resembling a beautiful and luxurious paddlewheel ship. The name of the casino is interesting and has a history as well. In the 19th century, a miner founded a town, Barkerville, and the name came from there. From 1999 to 2014, the casino went through extensive remodeling. 

Now, the casino has a lounge, lobby, restaurant, and many other things. All these things make it more appealing for high rollers. Gamblers can also enjoy other facilities such as: a wide range of slots, a showroom, tables, and a banquet that can occupy 100 people. 

Treasure Cove Casino

Located in the heart of Northern British Columbia, this casino is spread over 37,000 sq. ft. and has a Tuscan theme with a fantastic architectural complex. It accommodated around 500 slot machines, 700 bingo seats, and a full table pit. The place has the biggest bingo room in the city, and you can explore games like Progressive Ultimate Hold ’em, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Texas Hold ’em poker, blackjack, and roulette. 

Treasure Cove Casino

A few years back, it underwent a massive change, following which a 5,500 square-foot lounge was introduced. Surprisingly, it hosts comedy shows as well. The casino administration also plans to expand their lounge by 800 seats and transform it into a concert hall. Gamblers playing here can also register at Encore rewards cards and earn points and redeem on tables and slot machines. 

Cash Casino

In 1980, it opened its doors in Calgary as the first private-owned physical casino. Initially, the casino was allowed to host only charitable events and table games with religious and agricultural agendas. But as per present data, the place has around 500 slot machines with all types of casino games. It includes roulette, baccarat, craps, poker, and whatnot. It is the longest-running free entertainment destination where you can see the blackjack beauties performing on all Saturdays and Fridays. In a week, on six days, poker tournaments will be held, and it also has a bar and two restaurants. 

Cowboys Casino

Everyone is aware of the gambling history in Canada, and one of the popular physical casinos is Cowboys Casino. In 1988, it was launched in Calgary and located in Victoria Park. Beside the Calgary Stampede grounds, you will find this casino with a great bar, a gambling floor, a dance hall, and two restaurants. The name of the casino is another reason for its popularity. 

Here you have more than 350 slot machines, seven different games, 33 table games, etc. It includes No Limit and Limit poker, Omaha, Texas Hold ’em, Pineapple, and many more. Interestingly, the poker room is active 24*7, and you get late-night food, nightly massages, and free breakfast. 

Final Words 

Although Canadian players have started playing at online casinos, it does not mean they do not visit physical venues. They find these places more sociable as they can make new friends and speak with people from different places. It makes gaming more exciting and enjoyable as well. So, next time you plan to gamble in Canada, try paying a quick visit to these exciting and heritage casinos. 

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