Mega Vault Millionaire Slot Overview

Mega Vault Millionaire slot Canada is a popular new progressive slot game that offers a huge prize for small deposits. The Mega Vault Millionaire slot game can create instant millionaires, and it is growing in popularity every day.

This review of Mega Vault Millionaire slot game will give you an insight into what the game offers, how you can play it, the bonus deals on offer, the rules, and so much more.

Mega Vault Millionaire Slot Figures

Let’s start this Mega Vault Millionaire slot review online with a quick look at the numbers.

Mega Vault Millionaire Slot

The Mega Vault Millionaire jackpot game offers a minimum jackpot prize of $1million, and it charges only 25c per spin. This means you have a chance to become a millionaire on the Mega Vault Millionaire slot machine for an extremely small deposit cost.

This game means business, and the minimum jackpot prize means a lucky winner could take home even more after playing the reels.

Mega Vault Millionaire RTP

The RTP on the virtual machines from Mega Vault Millionaire is 92%. As gaming slots go, this is on the lower end of what is often offered to players. When you’re playing the game, the promise of winning a million dollars is a great incentive, and the features are great, but you should be aware there are slot games out there with higher RTP.

It’s still a great deal, though. The rewards are extremely high for such a low deposit, which is why so many Canadian players are taking part. If you’re willing to take the lower RTP for a chance to win a huge jackpot, then this is a great deal.

How to play in Mega Vault Millionaire?

Playing the Mega Vault Millionaire game is simple, even if you’re playing on a mobile device. All the features, promotions, and bonuses will be available to you whether you’re playing on a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

To play the game, simply sign up with a participating casino site, create an account, and then navigate to the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game. The technology is simple, and you can sign up for free. It will work on any device as long as you’re running a new operating system and a browser that is compatible with HTML 5.

Guide on Mega Vault Millionaire Slot Paylinesmega vault millionaire slot review

Mega Vault Millionaire offers 25 paylines, or winning lines. These are the symbol combinations that eventually result in a win. Over five reels, this slot game for real money gives you lots of chances to win.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Mega Vault Millionaire is one of a number of providers who aim to offer small minimum bets. You can place a bet and play real games and reels, with a chance to win the jackpot, for as little as $0.25. This increases to a maximum bet of $6.25 per spin, if you want more chances to win that huge prize.

How to Win?

How do you win the prize? Well, there’s no other way than simply playing the game! With low deposits, and a free sign up, you can quickly get set up on their online gambling software and playing this popular game.


Mega Vault Millionaire offers a Bonus Vault, as well as a Wheel of Fortune feature. These bonuses can appear after any spin and are available are random. In the first level, users are giving access to a Mini Jackpot, or the choice to move up to Level 2. Then in Level 2, there is a Minor Jackpot, and at Level 3, users can access either the Major Jackpot or the Grand Jackpot.

Free spins offer

Mega Vault Millionaire free spins are also available to Canadian slot enthusiasts. The game initially offers 150 free spins when you first sign up, and throughout the games, users can unlock further free spins. For instance, 15 free spins are made available when a 3+ Faberge Egg lands onto the reels. If you see that, this means you get a 3x multiplier, and it can even be boosted up to a 6x multiplier.

Where to Play this Slot?

Players can access this game at a couple of different places, including Jungle Reels and Vegas Spins, though Microgaming has not made it clear where the game will be released specifically for Canadian users. Time will tell if the game will continue growing in popularity and whether it will be made available for more users on a wider range of casino websites specifically available in Canada. Be sure to keep an eye out as news is always being released and new casinos are picking up the game all the time.
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