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Q&A session with Radosław Biernat from BF Games

Posted on: September 2, 2022. Last updated on: December 28, 2022 BF games casino interview

Hello, Mr. Biernat. We are happy you have found the time to talk to us, and discuss BF Games’ products. Could you start off by introducing yourself and telling us a little bit about your role in the company?

My name is Radosław Biernat. I am Head of Marketing at BF Games, and I am responsible for the visibility and awareness of our brands, which includes handling digital marketing and media communications as well as taking care of live and online events, among other responsibilities. My department also ensures that promotional materials for our new releases are supplied to our partners.

Could you please give our readers a brief summary of BF Games’ history in the industry?

BF Games is a part of the comprehensive, successful project that is BF Group. Founded in 2013, the company started with an online casino and sportsbook platform. One of the essential branches was developing our slot machines – we had the hardware, but we still needed the software, and that’s where BF Games comes in. From the beginning, we decided to create multiplatform games for our machine systems and online systems.

In 2018, after our teams worked on the games, we were ready to release them to an open market of operations. In the meantime, BF Group had grown and we were no longer just a development studio and slot machines manufacturer, but also payment system providers, legal advisers, technical support, analytics tool provider and more.

How is 2022 going so far for BF Games? Have there been any specific changes in the company’s vision of development?

2022 is a breakthrough year for us because of our development and financial results. Our platform allows us to work quickly and steadily. For example, we have more than twice the amount of releases compared to last year, which gives us a great result of more than one game out per month.

Regarding our vision – maybe not changes, but more improvements in our operations, especially planning. Our roadmaps look forward much more than before.

BF games interview

Are there any new tendencies in the market that you find fascinating? How is our industry likely to change with time?

One thing that’s changing iGaming to me is the popularity of social casinos, where players have fun just from game wins, not strict pay-outs. Will it replace classic casinos? I’m not sure. The land-based casino still exists despite the development of iGaming; it is a different kind of entertainment. It could be interesting to see where social casino regulation will go. For instance, will it be a completely open market for adverts, or should it be regulated? If it should be regulated, then what about loot boxes, cards and random systems in popular online games like Counter-Strike or FIFA series? Is that not gambling? Could it be possible iGaming will be closer to classic games, where the market expects regulations?

How have your games evolved throughout the last few years?

We started by building a solid portfolio of diverse titles. To be attractive for operators, you’d need some “must have” titles, like classic fruit games or Egyptian themes that players are looking for. With a solid base of over 70 games, we’re beyond this stage now so we can start experimenting and creating stronger game brands such as the Cave of Goblin series. We’re still looking at current trends and producing games with themes that are popular today (like Buffalo Trail), but we also have the time to think outside the box and look for entirely new ideas.

Also, we don’t leave our hits in the dust. Some of the old games with great mathematics were recreated in our remaster series – old games, but with repainted illustrations in top quality and resolution appropriate to today’s times.

Buffalo Trail slot

Tell us a little bit about your latest releases. What are the key characteristics?

As I mentioned before, we are now operating in two ways. While we are trying to extend our portfolio of players’ favourite themes, for example, Burning Slots or Buffalo Trail, we’re also looking for something new with an exciting design, theme and mechanics, like Chicken Madness or Cave of Gold.

In addition, we’re working on multiple versions of our productions, for example Burning Slots, Buring Slots 20 and Burning Slots 40, offering different paylines and reel templates. We are preparing the next version of Buffalo Trail – Buffalo Trail Lite, offering lower RTP for players looking for longer, more relaxed gameplay. Everyone will find something interesting in our portfolio.

We do look at how to communicate with players, but maintaining contact with operators is still essential. I think communication and a clear roadmap with a release date are crucial.

To your mind, what is the most successful release so far, and why?

It’s not so easy to choose one title but we’re on a roll now. Every new title this year has provided us with an even better result, but looking at the stats, Chicken Madness has had the best start, so now we are examining how it will work at a longer distance. We’re still waiting to see how the latest release, Cave of Gold, will turn out – its results might even beat Chicken Madness.

What is your personal favourite title and why?Cave of fortune slot

Cave of Fortune and Cave of Gold. These games don’t just incorporate great mechanics, like the Nitro feature, that encourages further spins, but they look outstanding and also have a terrific soundtrack. Music from the game is available on our YouTube channel, and the fascinating main character of Goblin gives us excellent marketing opportunities.

I mention two titles because it’s not just a single game but an extended series. Therefore, after two great labels, we’re planning on releasing one more for this year called Cave of Christmas.

What are the main aspects of game promotion? What do you focus on specifically?

We do look at how to communicate with players, but maintaining contact with operators is still essential. I think communication and a clear roadmap with a release date are crucial. Information for the casino is not just the date of release as it must be connected to full support for creative teams working in casinos – we’re trying to provide them materials with the finest quality. Simple yet effective improvements give us fantastic results instantly.

Players and operators nowadays don’t just have favourite games, but also favourite providers. This is why it is not just the promotion of a game that is important, but also BF Games as a brand itself.

What are the company’s plans for the future and where do you see BF Games in the next couple of years?

Ongoing development, keeping up with the industry as well as introducing new solutions that would serve as a good example to others. In the coming years, my hope would be that BF Games would be one of the first providers to come to mind when asked about the industry’s greatest creators.

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