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Q&A session with Lars Kollind from iSoftBet

Posted on: November 3, 2022. Last updated on: December 28, 2022 Lars Kollind iSoftbet

Could you start by introducing yourself and telling us a little bit about your role in the company? What are your main responsibilities?

As part of my role as Head of Business Development at iSoftBet, I am required to work closely with our marketing team to establish and cement our internal and external communications with our partners. A large portion of the work gravitates around getting new gaming providers up and running with iSoftBet’s platforms, though a thorough understanding of customer requirements is needed in order to develop the most suitable approach to implementing effective strategies and acquiring new business opportunities.

Another aspect of the role is the pitching of our high-quality games to operators in key regulated markets, which also requires constant follow-ups in order to maintain robust and meaningful relationships with our partners.

As the company is considered one of the top gaming product providers with the widest game portfolio, could you perhaps provide an overview of iSoftBet’s background in the industry for our readers?

As an experienced supplier with a strong reputation, iSoftBet endeavours to create memorable gaming experiences for some of the industry’s leading players. Among our collection of leading Hold & Win and Megaways™ titles are some hugely enjoyable collections such as the iconic Twisted Tale series, along with some self-made classics, such as the Aztec Gold and Gold Digger series.

Were there any specific goals iSoftBet was planning to achieve this year? Have there been any interesting changes in the company’s vision of development in 2022?

Our strategy over the last 18 months has shifted almost entirely to focus on key regulated markets across Europe and Latin America, as well as operators that possess licenses in local, regulated markets.

The promise that Latin America holds is no secret as more markets embrace regulatory frameworks and open to the wider industry, and special efforts have been placed on securing a strong presence in these markets, demonstrated by the establishment of recent partnerships with the likes of WPlay, Caliente Casino, Virtual Soft, Jugadon, PokerStars and more.

We pride ourselves on entering regulated markets swiftly and securely, with our methodical, detailed approach paying dividends as we continue to expand efficiently into more markets across the globe.

Are you putting in special effort to win over any particular target markets or player groups with the new releases?

We have always placed a particular importance on ensuring the correct licensing and certification of our games to tailor our product offering to specific markets, but the quality of some of the experiences we have delivered have shone through regardless of the region they were initially curated for.

A great example of this is Greta Goes Wild, designed in accordance with the Italian market and its players’ preferences; the game was built specifically for one market, but has performed exceedingly well in others, serving as testament to the quality of the technology that underpins our experiences.

Grera goes wild slot

Are there any new major trends or changes in the gaming industry that you find to be extremely intriguing, to your personal opinion? Do you think the gaming business is likely to change in the next few years?

All leading gaming studios are pushing to enter the US market, with the country holding so much promise and potential as major European businesses compete with each other for players through eye-catching bonuses and signup deals.

It has been a long-term dream of iSoftBet to enter the US market, and to that effort, our acquisition by IGT – which we are very proud of – has turned this into a reality. The iSoftBet brand is going to evolve considerably off the back of this, helping us to tap into these markets with the support of the biggest iGaming company in this market.

What are the defining characteristics of the iSoftBet slot?

Born from the desire to retain players and thanks to our position in the market, iSoftBet slot products are designed to both look and feel incredible. Modern gaming experiences must be cinematic, with investment in the peripherals so that the sounds, dynamics, and pace complement the game’s theme and storyline effectively.

Of course, the mathematics and technology that are developed behind the scenes are of paramount importance when it comes to developing titles that feel unique from one and other, but we also invest in the peripherals to ensure that players are drawn to our products.

Could you walk us through the process of game promotion in the company? What are the main steps?

For the most part, the promotion for an iSoftBet slot game is carried out long before its launch. Our quarterly roadmap is announced to our partner network ahead of launch via a newsletter, filling them in on all of the unique and exciting features they can expect to see. We also share demos that are made available several weeks ahead of launches, providing clients and linked affiliates with exclusive access and the opportunity to get a real feel for the products.

When the games finally go live, our entire network of clients is provided with access, so long as the regulatory frameworks of the jurisdictions they operate in allow it. Accompanying the release is a video that highlights the features that make it stand out and demonstrates how they fit in neatly with the theme. Depending on the product, collaborations with streamers and affiliates are carried out post-launch in order to reach a wider base of players.

How, would you say, have your games evolved throughout the last 5 years?

Ocean Hunter slot

Looking back on the products that we were releasing five years back and comparing them to our most recent releases, I would say that our titles have evolved considerably. With the industry as a whole moving forwards in terms of the quality of the experiences provided, we have consistently found creative ways to remain at the forefront of the drive for innovation, populating our products with innovative mechanics that set them apart from those of competitors.

The introduction of the Megaways™ mechanic to our slots really created waves in the wider industry, and the same can be said for Hold & Win – both of which have been instrumental in our portfolio over the last couple of years. The innovative features pair wonderfully with the high-quality designs of our latest releases, complementing each other to deliver leading experiences that players return to time and time again.

Tell us a little bit about your latest releases. Do you, personally, favor a specific one?

We’ve developed a real variety of slot titles in the last few months that cater to a broad demographic of players, from modern users all the way to old-school enthusiasts, so it would be hard to pick a favourite. Rise of the Genie™ is a title we delivered that follows a risk and reward system, where the longer the player holds out, the greater their potential wins could be. The contemporary layout naturally attracts modern players in search of unique experiences and delivers on the excitement front with a genie that can come to life under specific conditions and boost payouts.

Delivering a sequel to a successful title, Majestic Megaways Extreme 4™ takes players back to the plains of Africa and is played out in on an innovative Quad Action format, multiplying enjoyment considerably alongside a collection of unique in-game modifiers. Another recent release that we are particularly proud of is Ocean Hunter™, which serves as a timely addition to the growing Apex Predator series. The game is packed with exciting features and mechanics, including the Wild Frenzy shark attack, which causes Wilds to be added to the reels with the potential of triggering truly staggering wins.

Where do you foresee iSoftBet in the next few years and what are the company’s primary ambitions for the nearest future?

For now, our ambition is to continue creating compelling gaming experiences and products that inspire and entertain, and we do this by placing partners and players at the forefront of everything that we do.

Thanks to our deal with IGT, we can expect to have all the tools and expertise required to become one of the biggest game studios both across Europe and the US in the near future. Both businesses have a very strong presence in their respective markets, and that’s not to mention the introduction of our GAP to IGT’s product portfolio, which will bring our brand to more audiences than ever before.

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