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Baseball Fallacies Costs Gamblers Fortune

8 Common Fallacies About Baseball That Costs Gamblers Their Fortune

This year’s Major League Baseball (MLB) season started on April 1 and is well underway right now. Some of the...

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Ban of Trans Women

Canadian Athlete Veronica Ivy Protests against Ban of Trans Women from Sports

LGBTQ+ activists are fighting an uphill battle all over the world, in an effort to make the world of sports...

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Open Casinos

When Will Casinos Open in Canada?

It’s been a few months now since Canadian casinos got closed due to the continuing pandemic of Covid-19. Fans of...

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PointsBet Canada CEO Calls Out TheScore Before The Sports Betting Battle

The new Canadian arm of PointsBet Holdings got a massive boost in their morale and confidence with the recent statement...

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Updated: 2019 Jun 14

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