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8 Common Fallacies About Baseball That Costs Gamblers Their Fortune

Posted on: July 13, 2021. Last updated on: December 18, 2022 Baseball Fallacies Costs Gamblers Fortune

This year’s Major League Baseball (MLB) season started on April 1 and is well underway right now. Some of the most exciting games are happening in the next few weeks, and the final match on October 3 is being looked forward to as well. Along with the MLB, there has also been a steep rise in sports betting and wagering. A lot of Canadian baseball fans turn to the MLB for all of their wagering needs. If you’re thinking of betting a few bucks, keep an eye out for these fallacies. They might end up costing you your entire fortune.

Myth #1 – Betting On the Heavy Favourites is Always Profitable

Newbie gamblers like to think that betting on the heavy favourites will allow them to make huge sums of money. This is a huge misconception because you never know how a team is going to perform on a given day. Also, the financial upside of betting on heavy favourites is very low, making it a risky and unsustainable betting strategy. With just 1 loss, you can lose all your cash.

Myth #2 – So-and-So Team Is Due for a Win

Baseball is a team sport, and there is only a little bit of luck involved for the teams who are on the field. In fact, the result of the match depends on the form of the players – which is why the “my team is due for a win” fallacy is a bad idea. While it’s obvious that losing streaks end, it isn’t a good idea to go with your feelings alone.

Myth #3 – Newfangled States Are Very Important For a Win

As baseball has evolved, so has the stats and methods used for analysing the games. As a new gambler on the scene, don’t get taken in by all of these methods. The old methods of evaluating teams and players – such as hits, runs, strikes, etc. are still sound and effective. However, if you are good at understanding the new stats, you can actually make use of them to your advantage.

Myth #4 – You Should Have a Good Betting System In Place

Many bettors think that a betting system is necessary if you want to win baseball wagers. This is not true, despite the fact that pro and seasoned bettors have a lot of great betting systems. If you just want to make some money and have fun, then you’ll just need rudimentary knowhow about the games. A minimum amount of consistency is enough for you to do well.

Myth #5 – Name Recognition is Everything While Making Baseball Bets

Another mistake that new bettors make is bet all of their money on well-known players whose names they recognize. While name recognition is very important, it is not “everything”. If you have limited knowledge about the game and the teams, you need to study up on it before you bet. This is a simple step that will help you win, and save tons of money in the process as well.

Myth #6 – Betting on the Ace Is the Best Way to Win

Many MLB/baseball bettors think that betting on the ace pitcher is a great way to make some easy cash. This is a fallacy because people forget the fact that baseball is, and always has been a team sport. A great pitcher can make a better and bigger difference if their team performs in tandem with them. Betting on the ace isn’t always the best course of action.

Myth #7 – Sportsbooks Have Access to Insider Information

Many new gamblers work under the assumption that sportsbooks have some information that they don’t. Sports betting platforms and sportsbooks don’t withhold information from the bettors, which is actually illegal to do. They have a small sliver of house edge, but apart from that, they don’t have any access to insider information. Sportsbooks are just better than people at analyzing the info. Don’t think that your favourite sportsbook is ripping you off.

Myth #8 – Betting On Baseball And MLB Is Very Difficult

Many people have this misconception that baseball is very complicated and difficult to grasp. In fact, baseball is one of the most entertaining sports to bet on. Baseball might have a high barrier to entry, but it shouldn’t dissuade you from participating in the wagering. You might have to do some more in-depth research, but the rewards are quite commensurate.


These are the eight of the most prevalent myths related to baseball and wagering that you need to know. Once you get your head around these misconceptions and fallacies, you’ll be able to enjoy the game and wagering much more. You can also earn a good bit of cash.

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